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Wild Botanicals

Plant Care Set

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Wild Magic Mix (4kg)
This magic root lovin' potting mix is too irresistible. Your plants will be begging for it. We mixed this well draining concoction specially for house plants. Excellent for anthuriums & philodendrons. 

Re-pot your plant babies with this magic mix, and it will thrive! 

Nutricote (200g & 380g)
Japan manufactured Nutricote™ 180days controlled release fertilizer (CRF) with Trace Elements (TE).  

Well established brand of CRF globally, Nutricote™ controls the release of nutrients through a combination of the resin composition and proprietary 'chemical release agent' added to the resin. This special release agent creates the most uniform and dependable release of any CRF in the market.

Simply sprinkle Nutricote™ on your plants and it will slowly release food and nutrients.