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Garden Pole 2.0

Garden Pole 2.0

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15% thicker than before!

Made of frosted PET plastic, our Garden Pole is designed to make your gardening a lot easier.

Measurements: Diameter 5cm or 6cm, Height 50cm

  • Extendable
  • Easy assembly
  • Hexagonal cutouts
  • Sturdy
  • 15% thicker than before
  • Alternate shapes

Classy hexagonal cutouts to ensure maximum exposure of moss to your plant, allowing the aerial roots to cling onto the pole firmly and safely.

We manufactured our garden poles with cut outs on the majority of the surface area, allowing the aerial roots of your plants to cling onto a greater surface of our poles and at the same time, allowing the aerial roots to enter and exit our poles in more directions, maximising the growth of your plants.

Simply snap the pole into shape with the insert tabs. No tools or extra materials are required for assembly, except your choice of media to be used in the pole.

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