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Greenspace Slow Release Fertiliseri

Greenspace Slow Release Fertiliseri

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This slow release fert has an ideal combination of NPK, trace elements and soil microbes - saving you the worry over what other supplements to add for your plants’ nutrient needs! Avoid fertiliser burn or underfertilising issues, as your plants receive a steady stream of nutrition for up to 3 months. This slow release fert is best used together with our Greenspace Liquid Fertiliser to sustain your plants’ complete diet.

Guaranteed analysis
NPK 12:8:8
Nitrogen (N) Total 12%
Phosphorus (P) Total 8%
Potassium (K) Total 8%
Calcium (Ca) Total 9%
Sulphur (S) Total 5%
Silica (Si) Total 13%
Magnesium (Mg) Total 1.2%
Iron (Fe) Total 0.63%
Zinc (Zn) Total 0.024%
Manganese (Mn) Total 0.023%
Boron (B) Total 0.007%
Copper (Cu) Total 0.16%
Molybdenum (Mo) Total 0.0002%

Other elements are all in a natural organic form from sources such as seaweed, humid acid and micronised rock dusts.

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