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Ocean Grown Cal Mag

Ocean Grown Cal Mag

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Made from premium, ocean derived ingredients, this soil and media amendment readily provides plants with a steady release of the essential secondary nutrients calcium and magnesium to bolster healthy plant growth and development.

Within plants, calcium is responsible for building and keeping plant cell walls upright; while magnesium is a key component of chlorophyll production - without which plants are unable to photosynthesise effectively – and plays a vital role in transporting and forming sugars and starches through the plant. In soil, calcium and magnesium aid microorganisms as they turn crop residues into organic matter, release nutrients, and improve soil aggregation and water holding capacity. Calcium also helps nitrogen-fixing bacteria that form nodules on the roots of plants, to capture atmospheric nitrogen gas and convert it into a form that the plants can use.

This Ocean Grown Cal Mag focused amendment is made with oyster shell, glacial rock dust, fish and bone meal, kelp meal and leonardite. You can use it in place of lime to add several more trace elements to your soil. This amendment will raise soil pH levels.

To apply to existing soil or media, add 1 tablespoon per 10L of soil or media. Be sure to turn the powder into the soil and media, and water in immediately. Apply monthly, or as deemed required.

To make a liquid extract, add 1 tablespoon to 5L of water. We recommend that the mixture be aerated with a brewer or aeration stone. Apply the mixture to the soil or media thoroughly, every month or when required.


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